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Wine for “Almost” Spring/Summer

I’m on a roll now! The weather turned gorgeous this week. I’m feeling a bit more like myself. In this post, a short one for #WineWednesday, I wanted to share my top 5 spring/summer wine choices. Cheers!

  1. Sauvignon Blanc – I enjoy those from New Zealand, although I have enjoyed a few from other regions, as well.
  2. Chablis – I seldom write about this one because it’s rare that I find a good bottle but when I do, wow! I forget how much I love it. My favorite pairing for Chablis is sushi.
  3. White merlot – This one is often overlooked but very enjoyable particularly if you have guests who are not used to drinking wine. It’s essentially a blush, which has wider appeal.
  4. Riesling – Of all the whites, this one is my favorite. I love the German Rieslings and those inspired by that region, particularly the Mosel/Saar River area. Try Hermann J. Weimer from the Finger Lakes region in New York state..
  5. Red blend – Red blends tend to be easy-drinking and often fruit forward, making them ideal for nights by the campfire. You can find inexpensive ones at most local liquor stores, including Lucas Vineyards Tugboat Red and Red Truck wine. Any red blend will do!
  6. BONUS: Champagne/Prosecco – Who doesn’t love a good bottle of bubbly? It makes any ordinary day/evening a real treat!

What are some of your favorite summer wines? Comment below! I love new ideas!

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Wine for Motivation

It’s been a while since I posted. Seems that happens every spring. This spring, though, is different because it’s been a rough one weather-wise and in terms of all the activities. It’s been snowing in Syracuse since last October. Yesterday some of us woke up to a few inches on the ground! Today, May 1, the weather is supposed to be sunny and mid-70s. Let’s hope we’ve turned the corner.

Because, honestly, I think not having the nice spring weather has hurt my mojo. I never realized how much I counted on spring fever to propel me through the end of the school year. Believe me, I could have used that extra spring in my step this year. Between performances and birthdays, we have First Communion and graduation, two things that don’t happen annually. Plus, work got nuts with a crisis university-wide, in addition to all the normal end-of-the-academic year craziness. Somehow, I’ve managed not to go crazy myself!

This morning, as I grabbed my usual coffee at Starbucks I reflected with a friend on how unmotivated I am. I have so many things to do and work on, some exciting projects and even things at home, such as spring cleaning. None of it is really being done. Not that I’m not working at all but it’s just not my normal pace. I need something to jump-start my energy levels and get me motivated!

My gym time is still going strong; I started a new fitness challenge this week, with a personal goal to really focus on progressive overload. That’s the idea that you lift heavier each time you do the workout, making more impressive muscle gains. I had gotten lazier about that so it’s time to redouble my efforts.

I’m still enjoying my wine but even that isn’t exactly a motivator. For example, the other night we had Walking Dead wine! I mean, Walking Dead? That doesn’t scream high energy! It wasn’t bad but a little on the fruit-forward side so it was a better sipping wine than anything else. Apparently there is a whole line of them; we had the red blend.

This weekend is a birthday party and my daughter’s First Communion; next weekend is Jon’s graduation from his master’s program and the remaining May events include science fair and open house, as well as a few other activities for the kids. The pace isn’t slowing any time soon. Hopefully my spring fever will kick in.

What motivates you when you’re in a slump? Share below! I need all the help I can get! Cheers!


Spring Cleaning for Wellness

Those of you who know me know that I love to lift weights. I’ve been faithfully going to the gym four days a week for nearly two years now. Back on the fitness wagon after having children and life derail me temporarily, I love to jump out of bed in the morning at 5:10 a.m. Crazy, I know. But recently, I have been feeling so fatigued and so drained.

After a visit to the doctor and then to Natur-Tyme, a local health and wellness store in Syracuse, New York, I’m on my way to hopefully feeling more energetic. The wellness associate I met with kept talking about adrenal fatigue. She said it so quickly that I barely had time to register what she was talking about. But, after leaving that appointment I began reading all I could.

It seems this is a real condition that affects millions of women in my age group. It’s the idea that our adrenal glands, the ones responsible for generating cortisol when we’re stressed and “adrenaline,” can get tired and burned out from our continued stressful lifestyle. When that happens, they just don’t work as well as they should, causing many of the symptoms I have been experiencing.

As I read more about this, I learned it’s not an official diagnosis and many general practitioners don’t discuss it with their patients. As such, there is no magic pill to help fix this condition. I’m finding that it’s all about lifestyle – exercise, nutrition and stress-management.

So, this spring, I’m doing a little spring cleaning of my wellness approach. While I typically do eat pretty well, I can always improve my food choices. And, while I’ve been taking lots of supplements since starting my workout regimen, there are others I’m trying, based on my research. So far, so good. I only seem to fall asleep on the couch by 8:30 p.m. once or twice a week now instead of nearly every night!

As for my wine? Well, technically, it’s off limits, if I really want to cleanse my adrenals and remedy the fatigue situation. But, given that there are upwards of 35 symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and I have about 14, I’m thinking an occasional glass is still OK for now.

Last evening, I had a 2015 Silvertop Oak Cask Malbec from Argentina. Very yummy! It was hard to stop after just one glass! But, the wellness call is real. I want to feel energetic in life again. So sacrifices need to be made! Cheers!