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Wine for “Almost” Spring/Summer

I’m on a roll now! The weather turned gorgeous this week. I’m feeling a bit more like myself. In this post, a short one for #WineWednesday, I wanted to share my top 5 spring/summer wine choices. Cheers!

  1. Sauvignon Blanc – I enjoy those from New Zealand, although I have enjoyed a few from other regions, as well.
  2. Chablis – I seldom write about this one because it’s rare that I find a good bottle but when I do, wow! I forget how much I love it. My favorite pairing for Chablis is sushi.
  3. White merlot – This one is often overlooked but very enjoyable particularly if you have guests who are not used to drinking wine. It’s essentially a blush, which has wider appeal.
  4. Riesling – Of all the whites, this one is my favorite. I love the German Rieslings and those inspired by that region, particularly the Mosel/Saar River area. Try Hermann J. Weimer from the Finger Lakes region in New York state..
  5. Red blend – Red blends tend to be easy-drinking and often fruit forward, making them ideal for nights by the campfire. You can find inexpensive ones at most local liquor stores, including Lucas Vineyards Tugboat Red and Red Truck wine. Any red blend will do!
  6. BONUS: Champagne/Prosecco – Who doesn’t love a good bottle of bubbly? It makes any ordinary day/evening a real treat!

What are some of your favorite summer wines? Comment below! I love new ideas!


My Picks for Thanksgiving Wine

I figured I should do a short post today about my choices for Thanksgiving wine. Before you all head out to the liquor stores and stare at the shelves and wonder! I suggest a red and a white because both go with turkey and this way, you satisfy those who prefer one over the other.


  1. Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling – Not too sweet and not too dry, this one has always been a winner when I’ve brought it to parties. At around $18 a bottle, it’s affordable, too. Wiemer makes wine in the Finger Lakes region of New York but he uses principles from old world Germany, making his wine the best German Riesling I’ve ever tasted. This is saying a lot, since I visited the Mosel/Saar region several years ago and tried many of the best!
  2. Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling – Sticking with the Finger Lakes, I’m going with one a bit farther west on Keuka Lake. Dr. Frank’s is award-winning and always a crowd pleaser. It is sometimes easier to find on the shelves than Wiemer but similar in taste since the grapes are grown in a similar climate. Both this one and the Wiemer are available in dry or semi-dry, depending on your taste preference.


  1. MacMurray Estate Pinot Noir – This is by far my favorite Pinot Noir. It’s light enough to go with turkey but tasty enough to compliment the sweet potatoes and stuffing. And, if you wait until dessert, choose a chocolate pie and you won’t be disappointed!
  2. Battle Creek Cellars Unconditional Pinot Noir – While I enjoy my Rieslings from the Finger Lakes, I love my Pinot Noir wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Sticking with that region, choose this one from Battle Creek Cellars, a brand of Precept Wine. It’s an easy-drinking Pinot Noir; even those who don’t usually drink it will enjoy it.

No matter what you choose to drink this Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you have a terrific time with family and friends! Cheers!