Wine for Too Many Corks

For as long as I’ve been enjoying wine, I’ve been saving the corks. At first, it was fun just to collect them in a giant glass bowl. Then, I received a few decorative gifts that required corks – two plaques to hang on the wall. One Christmas, Santa even brought us a giant “H” into which we could stuff corks.

It’s been a long year or so and we’re back to being inundated with corks. I thought I might do a little digging online to see what we might do with all of them. What I found was equal parts entertaining, useful and downright crazy! Here’s a sampling:

  1. BuzzFeed lists 37 creative ideas from barrettes to coasters to keychains to even useful household hacks. Some of these may have promise!
  2. Prakticideas has a DIY birdhouse that I’d really like to try sometime. Super cute!
  3. Those who have a bar area or game room might really love this cool idea from for a dartboard backsplash.
  4. My husband promises to make a couple of these pumpkins to add to our fall decor this year. MyGourmetConnection has a step-by-step look at how to create these gourds.
  5. For the truly adventurous, here’s a DIY on for a wine cork tank top. You have to be all in to create and wear this number! Not sure I’m game but, hey, maybe someday!

I’m only scratching the surface with the endless ideas for recycling wine corks. For now, I think I’ll just keep adding to my collection. While I enjoy a 2015 Snickerdoodle Chardonnay from Heartwood and Oak, those crafts and hacks can wait! Cheers!



Courtesy: Women Over 50 Facebook page

2 thoughts on “Wine for Too Many Corks

  1. lcifra

    I am in love with this post! My mother and I, the wine lovers of the family, are always looking for something creative to do with our corks. Countless wire baskets filled with corks completely lacks creativity. I cannot wait to use this post to get corky and get creative.

    • wineforalltimes

      Yeah… I found a ton more ideas and honestly could have been writing this post all night! But, I picked the few I thought were most interesting and diverse! I’m excited to make the pumpkin!

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